I am the founder, and I would like to thank you all for stopping by, and spend a minute or two discussing the aims and objectives of this site.


Justice is a man made entity, and therefore open to the many pitfalls that are created via the influence of man. Our systems are only as good, and or effective, as we the people make them. Though change may be daunting, and seem at times unattainable, it can also be inspiring, life changing and above all, empowering. By visiting my site and potentially signing my campaign you are pledging your own personal commitment to BE that change that is now so desperately required, you are publicly seen to have invested in better for yourself and your loved ones.


Perfection is an ideal that often has no place in real life. Mistakes happen and sometimes the British Judicial System fails the very people that it was established to protect. Nowhere is this more prevalent than within the reporting, investigation and subsequent prosecution of rape cases. My plan to abolish the current specialist investigative operation within this field, the London Sapphire Command, is not about blame or castigation. It is about ridding society of a system that is clearly failing, and utilising those funds and resources to create nationally competent Rape Rescue Centres.


Though the initial financial outlay is likely to be met with fierce scrutiny, and subsequent opposition, I believe that my vision can be comfortably achieved using the current budget allocation within this particular field. In plainest terms, the creation of Rape Rescue Centres in which there is an on site forensic scientist, one single point of contact between investigators and the victim and a legal representative afforded to protect and assert the rights of that victim, is simply better for everybody.


Even those who become distracted from the issue at hand and focus upon those who are wrongfully accused and or convicted cannot disagree that to provide the tools required to raise the standard of investigation pertaining to the crime of rape and sexual assault is to address this issue also.


The cold stark reality is that I cannot do this without YOU. Despite everything my faith in the moral fibre of the British public remains- please prove this faith justified, sign my campaign and spread the word! Together we have the opportunity to make history; together we are A Force To Be Reckoned With!


An effort for the greater good.


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